Reversing the effects of a diet.

Is it possible to take thirty days worth of wedding dieting and negate its effects in less than half a week. Yes, and it’s delicious and awesome. The foundation of ruining any good healthy body is a hearty breakfast.

Banana pancakes, eggs, and sausages at Overland Cafe.

Eggs Florentine. I at least had chicken sausage to slow the diet reversal.

Here’s something I knew about Palm Springs but it slipped my mind this trip. It’s hot during the summer, and when it’s really hot, the locals leave. That includes a lot of the restaurant owners.  A lot of places we wanted to go packed up and left for the summer. Our first meal in Palm Springs was Al Dente, a recommendation from one of Michelle’s readers.

Jumbo Shrimp. Grilled perfectly.

This spaghetti was only slightly al dente for a restaurant with the name Al Dente.  Still it was delicious. Michelle had the lobster ravioli, which was creamy and rich. It just doesn’t photograph very well.

Michelle was drawn into this place by a sign that read, “World’s Best Bloody Mary.” It’s even written on their glasses. It must be true.

Michelle’s omelet.

I forget what this was called but it had salsa and hot sauce so I ordered it. I did not regret it.

This is how Michelle rolls. The home-made hot sauce was awesome here.

Michelle’s fish tacos. The pickled onions I did not like. They were way too overpowering.

This we liked. Macaroni and cheese with lobster meat. It was delicious, but I got too excited and burned the roof of my mouth. Not being one to learn my lesson, I actually kept burning the roof of my mouth bite after bite. Totally worth it.

I still need to go back to Palm Springs to  get my Bacon Flight at Cheeky’s and a burger from Tyler’s. Maybe I will take the Bacon Flight and put it on a Tyler’s burger. Writing that sentence just made the urgency to return to Palm Springs go up exponentially. *sigh*