I guess the diet is over.

Wedding diet has been officially ended but for good reason. It was Jenny’s birthday. So what if we were two days away from the big day. If we didn’t get out we would probably have been sitting at home worrying about things. We took one of our few and far between trips to Orange Couny to Memphis in Costa Mesa. The best part is that we got down there during happy hour so we enjoyed a variety of good eats.

Corn bread. I didn’t try this because the whole dish is bread. I was still trying to stick to the diet in principle.

I did mention it was happy hour, right?

I didn’t try this either, because in a cruel twist of fate, I became allergic to crab in junior high.

Muscles and clams mixed in with some sausage, all in a white wine-tomato broth. This is where the diet broke down. The broth was too tempting not to have soaked in bread.

Pulled pork sliders.

Pizza with tomato and andouille sausage.

Sweet potato fries. I still don’t get the attraction to these that people have. I like my fries salty.

Meat loaf sandwich. Mostly bread though.


Although it was Jenny’s birthday, she tried to pass off some of her gifts to Alice. Cougar Soap! 60% of the time, it works all of the time!

The birthday girl with her birthday cake, complete with baseball topper.

I like this place and looking at the website shows there’s one in Manhattan Beach too. If their happy hour is the same, I’d definitely go back to try some more bites, drinks, and even an entr√©e.