Jackson Market

Michelle and I were told about this particular food place a long time ago by Liz. We never bothered to look for it until just recently.

If you drive through our neighborhood you’ll see apartment buildings and homes lining the streets. A couple blocks down the road you’ll see Jackson Market.

They sell things any grocery store would carry, like cereal and bread but also a great assortment of sodas, teas, sports drinks, and juices.

You’re going to need those drinks if you’re going order a fresh, deli sandwich.

The sandwiches are good, made with fresh ingredients.

While it’s a nice place to get a sandwich, the food isn’t what makes this place special.

They have the nicest patio in the back, where you can enjoy your meal in the shade.

There’s even a little pond with goldfish in it.

Who would’ve thought such a place existed, tucked into a quiet neighborhood with homes on each side?

If you’re ever in the mood for a sandwich and a leisurely lunch on a warm day, give us a call. In fact don’t let Michelle find out you went here without calling her. This is our spot now.