It’s like a dream I had in a dream and forgot in another dream.

We had the chance to go see Inception on Saturday, but Michelle and I passed on it because we had things to put together for our wedding. It’s a good thing we decided to pass on it, because during our arts and crafts time we realized there was no way we could get the job done ourselves. We called inĀ reinforcementsĀ and to our surprise a whole crew of elves showed up the next day and took care of the job like a finely tuned Asian sweat shop. Thanks, guys!

For those that did show up, most of them had seen Inception. There were whispers and cryptic talk about what it all meant. Checking Facebook revealed the same thing. Michelle even said there was a side huddle at her work to discuss the movie. We realized we had to see this movie.

Inception is not the kind of movie you can go into and totally shut off your brain. It’s about alternate realities (think Matrix) and while the movie requires some thinking, I think there was too much done to try to make sure the audience kept up with the film. Half an hour of the film could have been cut out, and the story would have flowed just as well. Michelle kept up really well, but in the end the movie wasn’t for her.

Michelle: I don’t like alternate reality movies, except the one where they crawl through the tiny hallways.
Me: Being John Malkovich?
Michelle: Yeah, that one.