Food Around the Corner

It’s been just over two months since Michelle and I have been living in our new place in Culver City. We’re still discovering places to eat all around the area and even a lot of places that are within walking distance. We’re discovering a lot of these places together, but some of them I check out on my own when Michelle has other plans. Last week when Michelle had plans with her girl friends, I walked out the door with no idea where I was going. I decided to grab a beer at Culver Hotel. I’ve grabbed a drink here before. I like this place. It’s mellow and they have live music.

Fresh angus burger with pesto mayonnaise, arugula, Bravo Farms chipotle cheddar, honey roasted shallots on a brioche bun.

This is a good burger. It sounds way upscale and fancy, but this is just a good burger. The patty isn’t marinated in some secret marinade like most gourmet burgers I’ve had as of late. There aren’t a lot of fancy tricks here.┬áThe meat is cooked well and it speaks for itself. It doesn’t hurt that the bun is nicely fluffy but holds together well, and they have $3 beers during happy hour.

Their steak sandwich sounds pretty good too. Can’t wait until next time Michelle has another girls’ night out, or maybe I’ll take her along with me.