Like a Big Kid

Although I have yet to do more than two hours of work here in my home office, I have it all set up for me to be productive. It’s very apparent which side of the office is my side and which side of the office is Michelle’s side.

This is a set of items I have on my desk. They are my Star Wars bobble heads. Except for the egregious error of placing a Boba Fett name plate onto a Greedo figurine, these are perfect. I know they’re both bounty hunters that chased after Han Solo, but seriously George Lucas. Get your product marketing shit together.

This is the other toy I have sitting on my desk. It’s called O-no Sushi and is based off this artwork by Andrew Bell, the artist behind The Creatures in my Head. I don’t know why I like his artwork so much, but it’s captivating to me. I’m glad his company is the one in charge of making the Android figurines. It’s just too bad I can’t get my hands on these damn things. They’re sold out everywhere.

Let’s get some work fun done