Oh Canada…

This weekend was my bachelor party. Michelle and her girlfriends went south of the border on a cruise last weekend. We went north to Canada: the land of beavers, maple syrup, and hockey. We aptly named our trip, “You can’t do that on a boat.”

Vancouver is an awesome city, and it was great to spend the weekend there with a bunch of guys that I’ve known on average for almost seventeen years. Inhibitions go out the door with people that are so comfortable with each other. The first morning one of the guys said to me, “Matt. Pants.” Don’t worry though. I’m comfortable with them, not the entire Internet. This blog post will be kept PG-13.

Being outside of Los Angeles, it becomes apparent once again that everyone else in the world is nicer than the people in our city.

Our limo from the airport. Let the immaturity begin!

Our hotel suite was bigger than my apartment. It had a full kitchen.

It even had what we like to call the Calvin Klein Room.

Being from LA we have to represent. Not sure we were even drinking much at this point.

This picture was taken at 9:30 PM or so. It’s ridiculous how long it stays light in this town.

We crossed a suspension bridge. Can’t do that on a boat. It doesn’t look like much at first.

Until you see how high it is as it sways back and forth. Still it was worth it to cross.

This is what was on the other side. The Ewok Village on the Forest Moon of Endor!

How come we don’t have any of this back in LA?

We even played some golf. Mostly it involved swearing at the clubs while laughing at each other.

After consuming copious amounts of alcohol I was forced to swim out to this platform and ride the slide. Vancouver’s ocean is pretty gross, but it’s nature gross with seaweed and mollusks.

Then Edward 40 Hands happened.

I did so well with the beer they taped some more to my hands.

Then I woke up…on the table at dinner…at a nice restaurant.

If someone wants to plan a trip to Vancouver, let me know. This town is definitely one I would come back to visit. I would come back here just for the food, but that’s a whole other blog post.