Don’t be mad at us Noodle Club

Now that we’re done with premarital┬ácounseling, we will never have another fight ever again. Woohoo! More importantly we get our Thursdays back for Noodle Club! Michelle has already suggested our next meeting for Thai Boat Noodles, but she got so anxious and wanted to get some right away.

We’ve already had some awkwardness in the club with some members going to an official nominated location without the other members prior to our meeting, so I put my foot down. I insisted we had to get noodles at another place. So here is a similar place, Ord Noodle.

I forget what my soup was called. It was a little bit too sweet. Some chili oil would fix this dish up to my liking.

Thai Boat Noodles. This has a very Taiwanese taste to it. It’s good.

Crispy pork and rice.

Soup sans noodles.

This shrimp dish is good. It’s got a lot of heat.