I need to find more places to eat.

It’s great to be able to walk into Downtown Culver City to grab a bite to eat, but you can only eat so many times at the handful of restaurants there. It gets even harder to pick a place when Michelle is off on her own plans. I can’t fly solo at some of these places. They’re not “soup for one” types of restaurants.

Fortunately I have Spencer and Vivian. They’re like the parents now that I’m not living with mine. They knew I was without Michelle for the night and invited me out to dinner. So I rode in the back seat, listened to them talk to each other about their days and make references to people I don’t know. Meanwhile I repeatedly kicked the seat and continually asked, “Are we there yet?” It’s just like having parents again. The only thing they didn’t do was pay for my dinner. Maybe next time.

Sunnin Lebanese Cafe. The combo kebab meal. The meats are not dry like most kebabs I have had, and there’s plenty for leftovers for lunch today.