Another Weekend of Eating and Drinking Too Much

This weekend was a weekend full of fun, possibly regrettable decisions. I think I need some help with my self control. Friday my friends came over after work for happy hour. We were going to do it up big.

We started at Gyenari, where we got the tower of beer that screams, “Look at us. We are douchebags drinking beer!”

Afterward we decided to grab a couple of slices with some more beer at LaRocca’s Pizza.

With Korean and Italian cuisine represented already, we decided to hit up Tacos el Gallito and add Mexico to the mix.

Since Father’s Office is in between home and the taco truck, we decided to do it up right and stop there too.

Keep in mind this was all done before 9:30 PM. As I passed out in the middle of our furniture-less living room, I vowed never to eat or drink again…until the next time. Unfortunately for me, the next time was the next day.

I got to be a part of a special day for a very good friend of mine. Congrats, Tyson and Angie!

So like any good friend would do, I celebrated. A bread basket did catch on fire at my table, but that was a good two feet away from me. Couldn’t have been my fault.