Always a Parent

My brother went to Berkeley for college and has lived up there since then. When he does come home for a visit my mom always sends him off with potato chips and cookies. It’s not like he can’t buy chips and cookies up north. There was no great snack disaster of 2005 that left them without snacks in northern California.

At some point I realized it doesn’t matter that he can get his own food. My mom needed to do that to feel like a parent. Without kids to take care of, parents are just the oldest people around. So I decided to do what any smart individual would do. I was going to let my mom feel like a parent and take care of me, wait on me hand and foot. We call this living off the fat of the land, but to her she was just being mom.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. As you know I’ve moved out from under my parents’ wings. It’s something I had to do before I was thirty. Just barely made it. Still, I came into work and my dad handed me a bag. This is what was inside of it.

Looks like mom will always be mom.