So close to my ramen…

Sunday Michelle and I were headed to Hakata Ramen for our meal after drinking all night at the wedding. We were within a block of our destination when Michelle saw a giant sign with a picture of a shrimp dish on it. If you know anything about Michelle, she will always order shrimp if it’s available. I really wanted ramen, but since we’ve been there so many times, I figured we could try the spot she wanted. See? I’m already learning things from premarital counseling.

The first thing we noticed were these fliers for a club, except the club’s address was the restaurant. We looked around and noticed some large speakers tucked away in the corner as well as a party light hanging from the ceiling. Every Friday, eh? My birthday falls on a Friday this year.

Camarones Sinaloa.

Camarones a la Diabla.

The food was decent. Shrimp was cooked well, but as we were finishing up the meal they plugged in their jukebox and the sound of musica banda came blaring through the whole restaurant in a deafening volume. *Oom pah pah! Oom pah ah!* Time to go.

Will I be back here? Maybe on a Friday night.