Wedding Weekend: 1 of 843,394 this year.

Let’s start this post off with what I know best, eating.

I never knew I liked Taiwanese food so much until I went to Taiwan two years ago. Sue’s Kitchen in Torrance has saved me from multiple cravings. We always order the beef noodle soup here too, but we’re probably the only ones ordering in English.

Saturday was the first wedding of many this year. Although Michelle is the one that knows them from college, JP and Jenn are two of the nicest people I’ve met. I couldn’t be happier for them.

They also happen to be great dancers, both in the dance troop, Kaba Modern. JP was the troop leader.

We’re not next. There are five or so weddings in between.

Since guys don’t want to read about weddings, here’s some eye candy.

We asked the wait staff if the flower was edible. They said no, but the petal I tried tasted okay to me.

There was not meat choice give. It was chicken for everyone, because they wanted to have the open bar. They made the right choice.

Chocolate covered strawberries…and Scotch.

Michelle’s friend made these for the wedding. I don’t eat dessert and I loved it.

In typical wedding fashion with Michelle’s friends, dancing occurred, shirts were removed, and nipples were sighted. Good times!