We’re doing happy hour wrong.

Michelle and I now have the keys to our apartment. We also found out that one of Michelle’s high school friends lives right around the corner from us. (This is where I would have linked to your blog if you had one, so get one so we can blog our Culver City adventures together.) Her husband isĀ ecstatic, because now she has someone to watch chick flicks with, and he can watch sports and drink beer in his underwear with me.

To celebrate having neighbors that won’t judge us because we know their secrets too, we went to happy hour. Since it was already getting along in the evening we decided just to stop at Gyenari. Their happy hour runs until 7:30 PM.

Kimchee Fried Rice. Pretty tasty, but I don’t know how you would really mess up this dish.

The wings. These are a bit sweet for my tastes.

What isn’t shown are the Bulgogi Sliders, the Japanese Curry Crabcake Sliders, the Korean Taco Trio, and the beers and wine. Happy hour is supposed to be cheap, but it doesn’t quite work out when we eat every item on the menu. Maybe we should just eat or drink and not both. I might opt for the liquid diet. Is that bad? It’s the only way to save money and have a good time!