Money Woes

If you’ve read Michelle’s post you already know. Yup! I’ve moved out of my parents’ house before thirty! We’ve nailed down a place to live, right next to Downtown Culver City. I can now go to happy hour any time I want and stagger home. There’s a down side to this. All this going out costs money.

Life without all the responsibilities of adults is what we wanted to start with, so we decided to rent. While rent is significantly cheaper than the chunk of mortgage I was paying on my parents’ place (nice way to dodge some taxes), I am having a minor freak out about money right now.

Michelle is probably annoyed with me questioning everything we are spending. Do we really need brand new furniture? There’s plenty of good stuff on Craigslist that might not have bodily fluids on it. Do we have to do laundry again? Turn your underwear inside out and backwards at least once before washing it. Dinner? We ate yesterday!

Still, even though it’s an apartment I’d like our place to feel like our first home. That’s why we will be decorating like this.

It’s like having porcelain dolls all over the house but a lot less creepy.

Nothing says good morning like Emperor Palpatine and Darth Maul side by side.