Creatures of Habit

As humans we all get used to doing what is familiar to us. We get comfortable doing the same things over and over. There are restaurants that we frequent because we enjoy the food. We stick to certain products because they are what we have become accustomed to using. We say the same words and phrases over and over.

That’s got to affect blogging. Every time I get an idea that I want to blog I wonder to myself, “Have I already written about this?” I find myself having to search my own website to make sure that I haven’t written the exact same post before. The last thing I want is to sound like an old man, constantly telling kids to get off my lawn over and over while recounting stories of the good ole days to people that have absolutely no interest. How do you stay fresh with writing ideas?

After writing this I forgot to check whether I’ve blogged about this subject before. My apologies if it’s been done.