Big Food

I’ve started my new year’s resolution to lose some weight and get in better shape. In order to help myself I am watching Food Inc. and Supersize Me during my sick day at home in order to develop some irrational hatred for food.

Food Inc. is more about big business and the efficiencies that slip through their fingers as they tighten their grip to gain efficiency. It just happens to be about the food industry. It makes me want to start a vegetable garden and raise some chickens in my backyard just to stick it to the man.

I haven’t eaten a whole lot of fast food recently, because I know it’s not good for me. Supersize Me just seemed to be one of those documentaries about doing dumb things just to get some attention. We all know the food at fast food restaurants is bad for you. Cut it out.

All this movie watching has made me hungry. I’m going to get something to eat, but not McDonald’s. I’m going to In-N-Out!