Making doodie and writing about it.

Michelle commented about how as of late I have been becoming a food blogger. Really I have no capacity to explain food in any manner that does it justice. I eat food because I need to in order to survive, but I figure there’s no reason it can’t  be delicious food. There’s also no reason I can’t get some blog content out of it.

On the eve of New  Year’s Eve I headed out to Teresa’s Mosaic Cafe in El Segundo. This restaurant was something Michelle picked out for us to stop at on our way up to Culver City.

All the tortillas are freshly made.

The chips are fresh as well and the salsa is awesome. There’s a nice heat to this but it’s not overwhelmingly hot.

Tacos de Lomo. Deliciously prepared. Too bad there aren’t more of them.

They don’t call them burritos here. They are called burros, because they are large. Here is my burro with the DROID as a comparison. Mmm, donkey.

Michelle said I should change my blog name to Sure Eats Work.