Christmas is the time for giving (junk)

It has now become a tradition for our friends to get together for Christmas to share a meal together and do a gift exchange, but we also have a tradition that’s a little more fun. We throw in one more gift exchange, but we make them junk gifts. The only requirement for the gift is that it has to be something you don’t want. That makes it quite open ended and the creativity makes it quite fun.

This is not a junk gift. This was my contribution to the meal. A bacon-wrapped smoked pork loin. I know how to perfect it next time. More bacon.

Look who got the Internet Urinal!

This man is actually a doctor. Would you let him operate on you?

Someone brought a tape player with an actual tape and took the time to put in new batteries.

2009 calendar! Totally not junk. There’s still three more days to use it.

At least Michelle got rid of her disastrous snow globes.

Our friends made the announcement about their engagement. Here the girls are swarming to hear the story. The guys are debating whether to go the moon or Mars for the bachelor party.

Archery in Wii Resort. Such concentration!

She kept laughing and couldn’t hold still. If this were a real bow and arrow, she would have shot someone.

I’m glad to have the friends I do, many of them since junior high. I’m even more glad to know that we’re all still friends despite all the crappy gifts that got passed around and the laughs we share at each others expense.