Hudson House

Lately I’ve been having a craving for tacos. Thanks to e*star’s gentle push, I set out for Taco Tuesday at Hudson House in Redondo Beach. You wouldn’t imagine that a place named Hudson House would serve tacos, and by the looks of the inside of the place you still would be cautious about what kind of tacos they would serve.

Sorry about the crappy pictures. I’m always self conscious taking pictures in public places like bars/restaurants so I rush them. Maybe next time when I’m with a larger group I’ll feel more confident to snap pictures.


This place seems more like a brew house than a taco joint.


The entire menu looks pretty good. I might stop in here even if it wasn’t Taco Tuesday or happy hour.


The Hudson Ale, not quite a pint. Blueberry Cava Cocktail.


Street Tacos. You have the choice between chicken or carnitas. These are the chicken. Both are delicious and heavy on the meat.


Street Tacos, $1 each. Pail of Fries, $2.

Don’t expect the tacos to blow your mind. I’ve definitely had better tacos, but these are good and cheap. The meat is cooked tender and juicy and packed generously in the tortillas. Definitely worth it.

I’ve been living in the South Bay for a long time now and this gem went hidden from me for so long. I’m not going to let that happen to other people. There is a clear mission now. I will be making this spot known to friends and family, starting with this blog post. Taco Tuesday was something I thought only existed in my days in LA. No more.

Who’s up for Taco Tuesday in the South Bay? Just a happy hour would be fine too.