Another Holiday Party with the Koreans

Michelle had her annual company Christmas dinner. This year it was at Saketini in Brentwood.

IMG_6624 (Custom)

The famous Lychee Saketini. The girls (and some of the guys) were drinking these. Too sweet for my tastes.

IMG_6626 (Custom)

This is definitely more to my tastes.

IMG_6631 (Custom)

Started eating and forgot to take a picture of the Lobster Roll until half of it was gone.

IMG_6632 (Custom)

Kobe Beef. In the background is the fish which looked good too, but beef > fish.

The food was great and the company was great as usual. After dinner we were suckered into going to K-Town for karaoke. Wait, is that a cardinal sin not to call it norebang? I am exhausted right now and will spend the rest of the weekend hibernating. Totally fun and worth it.