Screw the city. We’re leaving.

We knew from the moment we booked our trip that we were going to come to the city to leave it. We took a trip upstate to check out the foliage. Unfortunately we were about a week late to catch everything in color, but it was still pretty amazing to see some of the trees with different colors, and it was even great to see some trees without leaves.


Are we there yet? I’m tired! I have to pee! Michelle is on my side!


We all have that one embarrassing friend. This is mine. We call him, Fargo.


This picture was taken by Michelle Woo, famous blogger and photographer.


This particular location we went to was the Storm King Art Center. Among the open land and trees were massive sculptures made of industrial building materials.



No one believed me when I said I saw a phallic sculpture, so I took a picture.


We don’t do this kind of stuff in California.


I call this one, Toppling the Doctor’s Tower.


Lorenzo yelled, “Alice, get out of the picture!” Turns out it was Kyung with Susan’s purse.


Looking comfy and loving nature.


Obligatory jumping picture.


We didn’t get back into the city until pretty late. Dinner was at a Korean restaurant. These are the peppers that you eat or make mustache faces.


Drinks at Shebeen. This is Beer Club, New York.

By this point we were exhausted, but with only one more day left we knew we had to go big or go home. Wait, maybe it’s go big and then go home.