Halloween Weekend

I missed Halloween last year, because I had too much work and needed to rest. This year threatened to be the same story with a different year. I was even too tired to hand out candy, but sadly and fortunately not a single kid came by the house. I didn’t even hear a single “trick or treat” shouted. One of my friends must have put me on the sex offenders website as a prank…yes, a prank.

A last minute, game-time call and some crappy costume making put us on our way to Melody Bar & Grill. This place is a lot of fun, karaoke on Mondays, but the best part is the food. It’s not what you’d expect from a bar, but the chicken sliders are killer. I’m drooling just thinking about them.


It’s the first Halloween Michelle and I did a costume together.


Herr Drosselmeyer, Pedophile Scoutmaster, Greasy Mullet 80’s Rocker, King Awesome.


This mustache smells like rare steak and tripe!

Me: Michelle, we’re home. Make sure you take your costume out of the car.
Michelle: Okay.


I found this on the floor of my bedroom.


This was in the entryway of the house.


This was hanging from the inside of the door.

IMG_6345And this was outside.