Remember when Apple was cool?

I’ve been an Apple user for a long time now. I’m not one of those people that was using a IIe. I’m not even one of those people that were using the first iMacs that looked like rainbows threw up on them, but I am one of those Apple users that had a Mac before everyone and their mother had one.

My first Mac was the Titanium PowerBook. OS X hadn’t even been released yet and OS 9 was terrible! The processors were PowerPC processors. They were slow and ran hot. All the good games were written for Windows back then too. Still, when people saw me sitting on campus with that bad boy, it drew stares especially from the ladies.

Apple products have come a long way. They are leaps and bounds better than when I first started out with them. Still there’s part of me that longs to be a part of that club that wasn’t all that cool but it was special. Now you can’t step foot into a coffee shop without seeing a few glowing apples.

Maybe I’ll get a Dell. No one has one of those.