Lather. Rinse. Repeat. No more.

I work. I eat. I sleep. I Internet.

I’m not one of those people bitching about my life. I’m quite happy. Life is what it is, but sometimes you want something a little different to change things up. I think I want to pick up a hobby/skill. It doesn’t have to be new. I was thinking of some of the following options. Maybe you guys can vote on it.

Smoking. No, I’m not picking up cigarettes and cigars are left for Scotch nights. I have a little electric smoker that just hasn’t gotten enough usage. I’ve smoked chickens, a turkey, fish, and ribs on several occasions. Still I don’t feel like I’ve gotten a good grasp on the whole process. Maybe I can commit myself to using the smoker once a week.

Guitar. I haven’t touched my guitars in over two years. The acoustic and classical are sitting in my closet, and I gave my Gibson and amp to my brother over two years ago as an indefinite loan. This would be something easy to pick up again, and it wouldn’t cost me much money since I have all the equipment.

Drums. I borrowed a set of drums from a friend back in high school, and my roommate had a set in my apartment in college for a little while before everyone started complaining. I was thinking I could go to the local music store that gives lessons and wail on some toms and crashes to get some energy out.

Martial arts. Being Asian you are normally born with one of two skills, the ability to do multivariable calculus in your head or the ability to chop boards in half with your bare hands. I have neither, so I would like to pick up the cooler of the two abilities. It would be a great way to get some exercise. Also, I will probably be pretty good at it being the biggest person in the class with all the little kids getting their yellow belts.

Sewing. Nah. I can sew buttons back onto my shirt, but I have no interest in making my own velour suits…or do I?

Drawing. I have next to no ability to draw. My hand won’t move where my brain tells it to go. My friends that can draw tell me it’s more practice than anything. This hobby would definitely take a lot of practice, but it might be worth it so all my airplanes don’t look like turds with wings.

So there you have it. What should I do to add more variety to my life? Maybe I’ll just screwed it all take up drinking.