My Girlfriend, the Terrible Liar

I suppose it’s a compliment to Michelle that she is not good at lying. In this day and age when you never trust anything that comes out of anyone’s mouth, she is one of the people that you can believe is sincere. Still that doesn’t stop her from trying once in a while when it’s harmless.

Michelle: Do we have any plans for Sunday?
Me: Nope, I think we’re free.
Michelle: Oh, well I was hoping we had something so I could get out of going to _____.
Me: Just say we have one of my family things to do.
Michelle: Good idea.

Twenty minutes later.

Michelle: So we have to go to _____, and it’s your mom’s birthday if anyone asks.

Great, now I have to come up with some “just in case” back story so if anyone asks me what my plans are for my mom’s birthday I don’t stare at them and say, “Huh?”