Mother Nature Loves America!

So over the past week I’ve been watching the weather and posting status updates on the view from my house, which totally sucked. The clouds rolled in from the Pacific, and I could barely see past PCH. Even the morning of Fourth of July the clouds rolled in from the seas.


Fortunately for us, Mother Nature loves America and cleared up the clouds just enough for us to see some fireworks. I was too lazy to pull out my 200mm lens, so my videos and photos were kind of far. It’s a good thing my friends are camera nerds too and brought out the big guns. I spliced some of his videos together and sped it up for some explosive viewing. Enjoy. (I stripped the sound out of the clip because it was so windy and we were talking over the footage anyway.)

All the little flashes you see around the main shows are the illegal fireworks shows going off all over the Los Angeles basin.