Flashback: 2002 and Before

Since I cleaned out a lot of my old pictures to clear up some room, I decided it might be fun to post some old pictures. Here is 2002 and before. Really it’s probably only as far back as 2001, because that’s when I got my first digital camera.

Econ Office (24)

I worked for the UCLA Department of Economics as a programmer/designer.

Apartment (22)

I lived in the loft of an apartment. I owned a lot of computer gear back then.

Apartment (84)

We decorated the place like bachelors. Those items hanging from the staircase are Nerf guns.


When the roommate left for a weekend, we filled his shower with packing peanuts.


We added some more peanuts and filled a friend’s car.


I used to play guitar.


I took a few deep sea fishing trips. “Nice circumcision. Where’d you get that done?”


On a whim, I convinced my coworker to skip work with me to get my brow pierced.


Guy made an unprotected left turn in front of me. They called it totaled, because of how old the car was, despite being in good shape still.


At least I got the other guy as good.