The Devil Wears Nada

No, this isn’t a post about clever titles to adult films, but that’s fun too. Inspect Her Gadget, Glad He Ate Her, and Good Will Humping are some of the greats.

I’m talking about people’s desire to own name brands. Why do people feel compelled to own items with certain names associated with them?

They’re designed better. Have you ever walked through any number of mass merchandise retailers and looked at the clothing? It’s like being in a universe devoid of good designers. I can’t figure out why. The basic designs are the same, but they just don’t do it right.


On the left is a simple plaid pattern on a pair of board shorts. On your right is your mass merchandise retailer’s spin on the design. No thank you.


On the left is a striped polo shirt. Over on the right side you have a shirt with stripes that are done far too small. It just looks blurry and chaotic.

Dear Target and Others,

Pay for some real designers. I would gladly pay an extra 10% for the better designs.