Blast From the Past!

Since its beginning I kept this site secret as far as my identity goes, never posting pictures of myself that identified which handsome person in the pictures was me. If you read, which you should, it’s pretty easy to figure out a little bit about me.

Let me tell you something that Michelle has been telling me all along. Anonymity is boring. While I won’t be posting my full name or putting up pictures of myself in inebriated states from my college days, I will be getting more personal and sharing some goings on in my life.

As a part of that, I have imported two years of my blog posts from Moron Enterprises, my old domain. To be completely honest I have no idea what the content of the posts was, but with a domain name like Moron Enterprises, it can’t be too far off from Sure Beats Work.

For some reason when I imported them, they all got truncated so you have to click into each one to view the whole thing.  To give you some incentive, there are a few gems in all the crap writings. This post about me being a little crazy is a good one, as is this post about me being every man you’ve ever met. Enjoy.