Eleven bucks from Walmart! What else is there to say about these shoes? I would have paid sixty bucks for them. Sure they’re just a pair of sneakers, but this is a pair that I have been seeking out for a long time. When you look up velcro shoes you see two styles. You get the flat Vans or you get the geriatric version. The look I found in this pair is the old Roos style but without the useless pocket on the side. Do you know how good it feels to look for a pair of shoes for over a year and finally find it?

As I was putting away my new shoes in my closet, I realized I have way too many pairs of shoes. I just counted them, and although some are ready to go into the trash can because of holes, this currently ties the most pairs of shoes I’ve had at one time back in college. Seventeen pairs.

I’m so gay.