In the past couple weeks I’ve begun my transition from working in an office to getting out and seeing customers. The day goes by faster, but it’s really taking a toll on my sleep schedule. In order to do outside sales in southern California, I have to drive all over the place. I’ve been to San Bernadino, Downtown, the South Bay, and Orange County. This won’t all be my territory to cover, but for the interim while I’m learning, I’m going everywhere. In order to get everywhere, I have to get an early start to beat out traffic.

Tomorrow I have to be at one of the major breweries in Los Angeles at 7:00 AM. I’m going to bed now so I can wake up in time to get there. My body and mind don’t even know how to go to bed this early. We’ll see how well I function tomorrow. I may need to crack a beer for an eye opener. Fortunately I’m going to the right place for that.