Sure I’ll Share. Except the Internet!

My parents are very generous people. Their successes in life are definitely due in part to their work ethic, but there is also an element of just being in the right place at the right time. For this they are very grateful and so they share their prosperity. Don’t get me wrong here. My parents are not sitting on piles of cash and diamonds, but the amount of money they put into charity would shame most of us. It’s probably more than a lot of us earn in a year.

I’d like to think they have rubbed off on me quite a bit in this area. Giving is in my nature. I don’t have a whole lot of money, but if I can give a couple hours of my time or the shirt off my back I would. Still, there are some places where a man must draw the line.

My parents watch a Korean television station for one particular drama, which I think takes place in feudal Korea. It’s funny because we’re not Korean and they rely solely on the English subtitles, about which my dad has said, ” I don’t really read those. I can get the gist of what’s going on with the tones.” At first it was all fine and dandy. I would give up the television as the hour approached. That’s what sharing is about, but now it’s been taken too far.

Both my parents have found the show streaming online. My Internet usage comes to a crawl when their marathon viewing sessions take place. They don’t even watch together on the same computer. They will sit in different rooms watching the show, using twice as much bandwidth. Do you know how hard it is to pirate new albums before they hit the shelves or full length feature films before their theater release when you have two computers streaming video on your network? Just kidding RIAA and MPAA.

Everyone has had a shower where there just isn’t enough water pressure. This is just like that, only slightly more serious.  My files are stuck to me, not able to be rinsed away. It’s beginning to sting in my eyes. I’m not crying! I have soap in my eyes!

I could rewrite the firewall rules so they can’t connect to the site at the same time, or maybe this is my cue to check into Internet rehab.