2008? Never Happened.

Welcome to 2009. When you accidentally write 2008 on your checks and paperwork, please keep it to yourselves. No one wants to hear about it. Everyone does it. We don’t need to be told that you do it too.

This year’s New Year’s Eve started at Annie’s place eating home made pizza, taco snacks, and other delicious confections. The night was pretty tame until we decided we needed to ring in the new year with strangers.

At 11:00 PM we walked out in a group to find a bar to ring in the new year. I drank three beers on the walk to The Dresden, which was full. The bouncer said, “You guys are crazy, trying to get in somewhere at 11:30!” We set out to prove him wrong, and we found another bar around the corner with plenty of room. We rang in the new year together and made our way to yet another bar. I don’t know who else noticed, but I saw a guy dressed in Jedi robes. I wished him a Happy New Year as I waved my hand in typical Jedi mind control fashion.

The walk back to Annie’s was long. All of us pulled out our digital cameras and started snapping pictures. I deleted about thirty pictures of people pointing cameras back at me. I think a safe guideline to go by for New Year’s pictures is that if you post them within twelve hours of your night,  you didn’t party hard enough. I’m in the clear here.


I was trying to spell out Happy New Year with the lights. Can you tell?


Happy New Year! No looking back.