Am I Scrooge or Tiny Tim? Or Tiny Scrooge?

I will be working every day this holiday, except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Before you go and feel sorry for me, I made the call to work and to have everyone work, unless they wanted to take a vacation day. They call me the SOB, Son of the Boss.

It sucks sometimes having to be disliked for my decisions. I struggle with wanting to be fun versus needing to be responsible. Decisions I make regarding my career affect me but also the employees in the company. In these slow times my goal is not to let anyone go or cut anyone’s pay, but I would hope that people understand that they have to weather these tough times with me.

I hope to let people go home early on some of these upcoming holiday work days. Hopefully that puts a smile on people’s faces. If not, F them. I’m the SOB.