Buyer’s Remorse. Tasty Buyer’s Remorse.

There are some sites that come along that are able to cater to human instinct. These are the sites that flourish. They bring people together into a single entity of conformity. Websites that are able to do this and sell products, rake in the cash.

My buddy Kyung brought a site to my attention. Swoopo is an auction site, where all the items put up for bid are done by the site. The items start at fifteen cents and there is no reserve price on any item, so auctions save users an average of 35% on suggested retail price. There’s a catch though. Each bid adds fifteen cents to the current price of the item but costs seventy five cents to place. If the countdown timer is below twenty seconds, the countdown timer is reset to a maximum of twenty seconds as each bid is placed. This allows for last minute bidding action to continue. This is exactly what I’m talking about, combining mob mentality excitement and purchasing.

Another one of these sites that I am more familiar is, a site that normally sells one product every twenty four hours. They also have what are called Woot Offs, where they run product after product until all the products are sold out. This may seem like no big deal, but some of the deals get pretty hot and quantity is limited and unknown. When you see what you think is hot, you better jump on it. Unfortunately all the hype and excitement of a deal may cloud your judgment.


I now own this. It’s a collection of bacon salts, a bacon spread, and even bacon-flavored lip balm. I bet it’s like kissing a pig.