It’s Official. Music is Dead.

The GRAMMY Foundation has released the nominations for the 51st GRAMMY Awards. I honestly could not tell you which artists have actually won these awards. I could care less. If the artists is any good, I will listen to them, whether or not they have a shelf full of awards or not. This year, however, I came across this particular category in this year’s nominations by chance.

Paul McCartney is being nominated for his vocals in I Saw Her Standing There in a live appearance he did this year. This is absolutely absurd. I believe The Beatles are the greatest band ever, but give me a break. This is a song that was released forty five years ago! This is Paul performing it, probably for the 5,000th time.

It’s not McCartney’s fault. Mainstream music has gone to crap recently. There are good bands and artists releasing good music there, but no one bothers to even look for them. They just look at what sells and assume that’s the best out there. I don’t know who it will be, but I can’t wait for the next artist that comes along and wakes everyone up from this music coma.