Spend $1,000 or More in 60 Seconds or Less

What defines a good shopper? I like buying things, but I don’t really like going shopping. Making an outing to a store just to look around is not my idea of fun at all. Seek and destroy is how I shop.

I like to look at items that I stumble across, but I will almost never buy them right away. Generally I hold out telling myself, “I don’t really need that. I can’t justify spending money.” I go through shopping droughts, which is why I can keep my credit card bill under $300/month, including meals and gas.

Eventually I end up buying whatever it was I was refusing to buy, buying it all in a storm. All the things that I haven’t bought get purchased all at once. My credit card bill will soar over twenty times my normal spending. Now is the calm before the storm.

Alarm Clock – I have no idea why, but my clock is not getting the job done. The analog controls for the radio sometimes leave the radio sitting in between stations, giving me a quiet static rather than loud radio. I’m thinking of getting this one, or even going as far as getting an iPod alarm clock like this.

Jeans – I am a shorts and sandals guy through and through. It’s not that I hate dress clothes. I don’t really even like wearing jeans. For the few times it does get cold enough, or if I am going out where shorts are not acceptable, I have one pair of jeans. I need to get some new ones.

Shoes – I need work shoes. I have been wearing my work shoes without backs on them. Imagine black leather clogs. They’re super comfortable for making my way around the office, but I need some steel-toe shoes for entering different customers’ facilities.

Fish Stuff – I keep a couple aquariums and have been neglecting them. I need to get some things to clean up a bit as well as get some new fish, since I never really finished stocking my fish tank. I also promised Michelle I’d get her a real fish tank with filtration and all so she can share in the hobby with me.

Christmas Gifts – I do need to pick up a few things for gift exchanges with friends. The girlfriend should probably get something too. It’s birthday or Christmas, right?

UMPC – An ultra mobile PC. I absolutely don’t need one of these, but I have been eyeing one for almost a full year now. I’ve had my eye on either the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 or the Acer Aspire One.

I know there’s a whole list of other things I need and want, but I think that’s a good jump start to help the economic healing. After this splurge, I will go into spending hibernation as usual and the economy is on its own.