The Galaxy’s Most Loyal Employees

I ran across this hoodie at the Mark Ecko shop. I absolutely love this, but I don’t think I make enough money to justify spending it on hoodies designed to look like Storm Trooper battle armor just to fulfill my inner geek. Still it got me thinking about the men, who wear the actual uniforms.

There is something so precise and sterile about Storm Troopers. White uniforms, marching in perfect alignment. Do you think Storm Troopers had time cards, or did they just know where and when to show up? I wouldn’t want to be late anywhere for fear of getting choked out with a Jedi death grip from Lord Vader. Talk about a demanding supervisor.

Then there is the rest of the list of questions and observations I have…

Are laser blasts covered by their health care plan?

Can you decide not to take a job with the Empire? You were clonsed for the specific purpose of being a Storm Trooper, but has anyone had bigger dreams, maybe of being a dancer? They obviously don’t promote from within since none of the admirals or captains look like the clones. That’s no way to boost corporate morale.

Having an entire work force of clones would wreak havoc on human resources. I bet there’s a lot of stealing of Empire-issued identification cards for identify theft. If I looked exactly like the hundreds of thousands of other guys that worked with me, I know I’d try to collect their paychecks.