Time to Dump Microsoft Office…For Real

Are you tired of paying for Microsoft Office? Maybe you don’t pay for it and you’re just tired of trying to circumvent the registration while pirating it. No more!

OpenOffice 3.0 has been released. Actually it’s not officially released until Monday, but the servers have the final copy up already. It’s a free alternative to Microsoft Office that I have been running since version 2.0, but this latest version shows a vast improvement on the polish and ease of use. It’s the first version I would say is usable by the masses. Grab your Windows copy here. What’s even better is that this version of OpenOffice is now Mac OS X native for all you running Intel processors.

Why should you care about open source? Open source breeds competition and improvement. Not everyone gets that, so let’s boil it down to something everyone understands, the dollar. Open source is free. Tell the boss you can save the company a ton of money and implement open source. Then ask him for a percentage of the money you save the company.