Los Calcetines Rojos Son El Diablo

Well, the baseball season is over for the Angels. I am a little bit sad and somewhat caught in a state of disbelief. The Angels were the team to beat coming into the playoffs, but they just couldn’t get things together. The Red Sox must have made a deal with the devil. How else do you beat a team of heavenly beings?

What is even more surprising than the Angels early departure from the playoffs is the tear the Dodgers are on right now. I know Manny is a talented player, but I had no idea he would bring such dynamics to the rest of the team. The team is hitting like crazy right now. How great would it be to see Manny face his old teammates in the World Series?

Then I could cheer on the Dodgers and claim I’m more of a Dodgers fan anyway, just like all the rest of the “fans” in Los Angeles. Yeah, right. My heart is with the Angels. Go Halos! We’ll be back next year.