Just Call Me Boo Radley

I am a shut-in. I have been working all weekend on a design project for work. In the past thirty-six hours, I have been out of the house for a single hour. The family room has been my domain for 2/3 of that time. I’ve watched movie after movie while working. Combined with what I’ve watched earlier this week while working, the list really adds up.

The original Star Wars Trilogy.
Mission Impossible 1 & 2. I don’t own the third one.
The Wedding Singer.
The Rock.
Family Guy Movie.

I haven’t been alone. Michelle has been by my side for a good amount of the time, the whole while complaining that she is bored, but still by my side in spite of this. I did have to set up the Wii Fit for her to play a couple of times.

The only thing that made this weekend bearable was the fact that I got to stay on my computer the whole time, with my new sticker. Unfortunately as soon as I put it on, I realized I’ll probably be replacing this laptop within a year. Mell, I need another one!