Thicker Than Water…Saltier and Redder Too

My parents and I took a trip up north to visit my brother. He just turned thirty a couple weeks ago. While that may seem completely normal to you, this is almost strange to me. Our family has always been hands off, coming and going as we please as individuals, never worrying about being forced to attend family functions. I think it has something to do with my brother getting married earlier this year. We don’t want to appear weird to my sister-in-law. So we get together and almost pretend that we’ve always been super close and involved in each others’ lives. I guess we’re a real family now. I’m not opposed to this. It will just take some getting used to for sure.

Speaking of getting used to things, I did a double take every time Joy referred to my parents as Mom and Dad. I knew my parents were the only mom and dad around when we were talking, but it is so foreign for me to hear any other voice address my parents that way other than my brother.

So this trip I started talking about…fun. Saturday we took a day trip to Carmel, where we stuffed our faces.

Brunch on the patio before heading to Carmel. Delicious.

The Mission at Carmel.

There was a wedding going on at the church. That means free entrance.

Father Junípero Serra.

Is this why they call the area Pebble Beach?

There are so many golf courses in this area.

Some of the wildlife.

The first rule is don’t feed the animals. I hope these tourists get rabies and learn.

My mom kept seeing real estate sale signs and wanting to stop to look. I don’t think these homes are in our price range.

Cypress Point.

The Lone Cypress. It’s a hoax. Out of frame on the left is another one.

Pebble Beach Golf Course. It was a gorgeous day, so we had dessert on the patio.

Trio of Custards.

Apple something or other with vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate cake. This is before we poured the hot fudge over it.

After Carmel we headed back towards my Union City, but despite the fact that we had eaten three meals already, we stopped for dinner. When we got back to my brother’s place, I jumped in the car and headed to San Francisco to hang out with Kyung. I got to see his new place, and I even picked up something extra when visiting him.

He gave me The Perfect Pushup. He said he wasn’t using it and gave me a deal.

Here is half of the set, being used as The Perfect Doorstop. Kyung is pretending to be The Perfect Floor Mat. In all fairness there was lots of whiskey and beer. I didn’t even remember taking any pictures that night.

Sunday was spent visiting my mom’s aunt, playing the Wii, and ended with dinner. It was a perfectly lazy day to follow the busy one in Carmel and San Francisco. Today was spent visiting a business colleague and friend of ours and driving back down home.

Good food. Good friends. Good family. Good times.