U-S-A! U-S-A!

It’s just before 1:30 AM right now, and I just finished watching the United States beat Spain for the Olympic Gold in men’s basketball. That was an exciting game, nail biter right up until the last minute of the game. The United States did not play exceptionally well, and although we led for most of the game, Spain definitely had us on our heels for a good part of the game. I am very impressed with the 17-year old point guard for Spain, Ricky Rubio. He is incredibly talented even though he did have a bit of a breakdown towards the end. What can you expect? He’s a kid on the international stage of the biggest sporting event in the world. While the United States has the premier basketball league in the NBA, I would not be surprised to see more and more countries challenge our prowess on the hard wood. Still, much props to USA’s Men’s Basketball Redeem Team and Coach K.