Biker Gang

Last night I spent some time with Kyung. He’s moving up north for work, and this was one of my last chances to see him before he takes off. We decided on biking from PV to Hermosa for a few drinks. Harrison and Susan joined us. I thought this wouldn’t be a problem like last time, since we were only going half the distance. Nope! Ariane and Gregg were running a little behind, so we had time to go all the way to El Segundo again before hitting Hermosa. I was also hoping Susan would be the weak link and let me travel at a slow pace, but apparently spin classes really do work. It wasn’t nearly as bad as last time though.

Trying make rude gestures for the photo. Crotches forward!

Susan and Harrison, looking like a newspaper delivery boy.

Trying to get creative with the camera. Who’s got the lightsaber?

Almost at the end.

He’s making a break for it!

These last couple pictures were taken at the end of our ride, by the refinery in El Segundo. I wasn’t sure which of these pictures looked more stupid, so I’ll let you guys decide. As the timer counted down for these pictures Kyung yelled, “Yeah, bikes!” It’s the same chant he has when he gets excited for anything.

Harrison looks grumpy.

Fun times.