Older Than Dirt

My website dates back before WordPress ever existed. It also goes back before most people knew about the term blog. I did all of my website design by hand, and most of my coding was my own too, with bits and pieces stolen from Kyung. I’d like to think that since I introduced him to WordPress, we’re even. I used to use UCLA’s bandwidth before I bought this domain and server space, hiding my website on UCLA Economics’ server. I was looking through some of my old archives and bringing back old memories. I can barely stomach my writing back then, but here are a few gems I came across.

Taken from 1/19/02 – Seriously, Try It:

I don’t know if you’ve ever taken note of this when you walk, but your legs and arms swing in opposite directions. For instance, when your right leg is forward, your right arm is back. Try this. When you walk, put your right leg forward and your right arm forward too. Try to make it feel as natural as possible. No matter how natural you can make walking like this feel, it doesn’t look right to other people. This is a fun thing to try out in a group. It will embarrass the hell out of anyone with you.

Taken from 1/30/02 & 1/31/02 – Just Plain Random:

Jeannie: “Man, bisexuality is so gay. If you’re going to be gay, don’t be half-assed about it.”
Kyung: “Bisexuality isn’t being half assed. its being greedy.”

Taken from 2/7/02 – Long Live Moron Enterprises:

Well, it turns out the reason the UCLA Economics server went down was because my boss was changing it over from Windows NT to Windows 2000. Some of the programs didn’t function properly so he had to do a system restore to put Windows NT back. Meanwhile, you guys couldn’t access Moron Enterprises. I pointed this out to him and he apologizes for the inconvenience. The server may go down again tonight because he’s going to give it another try tonight. Hopefully it works this time.

Taken from 2/27/02 – Ideas That Seemed Good in College:

My nose is stuffy! I don’t like this one bit. I asked Eddie for medicine but he didn’t have any for a stuffy nose. He offered me Imodium AD though. Then I remember one time he asked, “I wonder what would win, Imodium AD or Metamucil?” For those of you that don’t know, those two medicines do opposite things to your body. I won’t get into what they do, but Eddie wants to have the battle of the medicines. If anyone wants to try it, it should be safe and I’m curious myself.

Taken from Moron Enterprises on 5/15/02 Kicking Ass in School:

I took my test and it was easy. I felt good taking it and I felt good when I walked out of it. I also got my other midterm back. Give another A to Matt. The school I go to is now “UCL” because they’ve given me all the A’s. That stands for the Univeristy of Cliforni Los ngeles.

Taken from 7/22/02 – Some things never change:

Today I went back to PV to pick up some stuff that I forgot. I stayed and hung out with Randall for a while. I never do much when I get together with Randall but it’s always fun. Randall got back from San Francisco earlier this week and when I saw him he thanked me for not hanging out with his sister while he was gone. Little does he know, I have that saved for when he takes his trip to Asia for three weeks.

Taken from 9/1/03 – Life with the Parents After College

I went to the office for a few hours today, but I was too tired to get much done. I did some research, came back home for my nap, and then configured a firewall for a client. My mom requested some computer help. It took about two hours to show her various things. We argued about whether she had to pay me for my time and services as an IT consultant. The conversation went something like this.

Me: So, you owe me $150 for this work. You can deduct this from my rent.
Mom: No, the reason your rent is so low is because you offer free services like this to us. Think of it as payback.
Me: Payback?! Then you owe me! I give you purpose. You’d have too much time and probably turn to drugs without me. Where would you be without me?!
Mom: I’d probably have a PhD.
Me: A PhD would take up some of your time, but I’m here forever. I almost forgot. Not only did you take up two hours of my time, but it’s emergency hours and on a national holiday. This invoice is going to be big.
Mom: Well, the same thing goes for rent. It’s peak season. The rates are higher.

Taken from 9/23/02 – Before Wire Tapping:

Harrison called me and asked me if I wanted to hang out. Of course, there was a catch. He didn’t have his truck with him because he came back from his trip to the east coast today, rather than yesterday as planned. I drove to his work to get him and brought him back to my place. On the drive back to my place, he said he wanted to do something delinquent, like make a bomb. When we got back to my apartment he spent the whole time looking up on how to make a small bomb. I think the FBI is going to come knock down my door now.

Exactly how old is my website? I’m not exactly sure as I lost some of my old archives in a hard drive crash. I believe sometime in 2009 will mark a decade of my personal website and blog. I’ll pull up some of the other fun stuff I used to have on my website in the near future. For those of you that haven’t seen it, you’ll get a kick out of it.