Wedding Weekend

There was a lull in the number of weddings I had to attend recently, but it looks like it is picking back up again. Last night I went to a wedding for Michelle’s high school friend, Shivani. Both the bride and the groom are of Indian descent, so the wedding was done in what I would have to assume is traditional style. They had a doctor that specializes in marriages fly all the way from Toronto to marry them.

The groom and his family come to the wedding. If the bride’s family says no, I wonder if they just come more like a raiding party and take the wife like the Vikings.

Truly a grand celebration with dancing and all.

The groom on his white horse, getting down.

Husband and wife.

UC Irvine girls.

The view of the bay at Marina Del Rey.

Love is in the air.

Stacking elephants.

The food was so delicious, and the Naan was so soft and fluffy. I wish I had some right now.

It’s impossible to get people onto the dance floor at Chinese weddings. How do they do it?