Next Year: Admission, Churros, Blankets

I spent my Fourth of July at home this year, because I wanted to see what fireworks would look like from our view of the Los Angeles basin. I was only expecting to see three fireworks shows: Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and Wilson Park in Torrance. To my delight we saw big shows all over and lots more illegal fireworks, most likely purchased from over the border.

This video shows the tail end of a show form a barge off the coast of Palos Verdes, which was a little bit low along the treeline. If we were up on the balcony, we would have seen it unobstructed. When the camera pans back and forth from Wilson Park, you can see Santa Monica, Century City, and a whole lot of little, independent fireworks displays.

The wind was whipping through my backyard, so I had to build a fort for Michelle and me.

Hermosa and Redondo Beach were the last two big shows to kick off. We already made our way inside and were watching from the warmth of the house.

This being our first Fourth of July in this house, we didn’t know what to expect. Watching fireworks from farther away does lose some of the magic that being at a show, but being able to see half a dozen shows at once and see the whole county light up with flashes of light is incredible. Next year, I’m selling tickets, valet parking, blankets for outdoor watching, seats for indoor watching, and churros. The big money is in the churros. For a few extra bucks I’ll hum patriotic music while the fireworks go off.