Bowl Movement

Ever since the end of high school, I have been thinking about getting my own pair of bowling shoes. As soon as I tell people I got bowling shoes they ask, “Do you bowl that much?” I don’t bowl all that much, but  it’s a good investment. If I go a dozen times, I will have more than made my money back in shoes I did not have to rent.

I started looking at bowling shoes to get, and they have shoes that look just like tennis shoes, but Michelle is right. When people see you in your bowling shoes, they should know exactly why you showed up. I want people to know when I step out on the lanes, I am here to bowl. That’s why Michelle has a pair of the exact same shoes I selected, to show we mean business.

How awesome are these bad boys? They even say “RENTAL” right on the side.

These will go perfectly with my bowling shirt I received last year for my birthday.