Living Like a Refugee

The past two Sundays I have slept on a mattress on the floor at Kyung’s place so I don’t have to make a 2.5 hour drive to Thousand Oaks for an energy assessment survey. Tonight will hopefully be the last night that I have to do this. The scope of this project is just a lot larger than the customer thought.

It hasn’t been all bad. I’ve gotten a glimpse at the obsessive compulsive life that is Kyung’s once again. It’s no wonder he isn’t done with school. He keeps getting interrupted with dirty dishes and counters that need to be wiped down. Actually, there is very little conversing going on between us. We sit on our computers and listen to whatever strange music he has in his iTunes collection. We had a good laugh when Falco’s “Rock Me Amadeus” came blasting out of the speakers.

So that has been my life as of late. Other than that, we funded and Escrow is officially closed. We own a new house. I’ll arrange a party. In other life news, check out this video I found online. (SFW if bleeped F bombs and sexual innuendos are acceptable at work).